1st LLcD meeting


Langues et langage à la croisée des disciplines (LLcD) is a new research network, supported by the CNRS. It organizes an international conference in France aiming to advance the scientific understanding of human language and linguistic systems, as well as to foster new collaborations and cross-fertilization among different research areas and approaches.

The LLcD Meeting, slated to occur annually, will change its location and its thematic focus every year. It will be organized around a conference, as well as a round table and a summer school, both within the theme promoted that year. The LLcD conference will feature plenary lectures delivered by invited keynote speakers, a general session and thematic workshops.

The first edition of the conference is scheduled to take place at Sorbonne University in Paris, from September 9th to September 11th, 2024. Its main theme will be: Languages, variations, changes: synchronic, diachronic, typological and comparative approaches.The languages of the conference will be English and French. More here.

Call for workshop proposals

The round table will take place on September 11th, on the theme Linguistic and biological evolution.

The summer school will take place from September 12th to September 14th and will be devoted to The emergence and cognitive status of language universals.


Please note that applications and registration for the summer school are separate from registration for the conference.


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